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High school graduates who come to Israel can take our approved proficiency exams in Hebrew and Judaic Studies for up to 84 college credits (in any combination) toward an American regionally accredited (first) BA in Liberal Studies at Thomas Edison State College or Charter Oak State College The students self-study on their own (using our syllabus and study guides); when they’re ready, they take our exams at authorized testing centers in Israel or New York State. Over the past 8 years, we have had over 650 students in our program which has been lauded by senior faculty at Azrieli Graduate School of Jewish Education. Note that the degree is a real regionally accredited BA and not a 2nd rate BAL or a 4th rate BTL degree. Students get a GPA (grade point average) since the transcript lists a letter grade rather than PASS or FAIL. [Competing programs send to colleges where the undergraduate degree is a BAL or BSL and all grades are listed as PASS or FAIL].

JEWISH CANTORIAL MUSIC: 18 credits (12 upper level)

MODERN AND BIBLICAL HEBREW: 15 credits (3 upper level)

BIBLE: 15 credits

TALMUD: 9 credits (6 upper level)

JEWISH LAW: 18 credits (9 upper level)

JEWISH ETHICS: 3 credits


All the exams receive college credit recommendations from the State of Connecticut Board of Regents Connecticut Credit Assessment Program run by

Our students have gone on toward graduate and professional degrees (law school, MBA’s, medical school, education, psychology, computer science, etc.) [names available on request].

Students can proceed on toward second BA’s at hundreds of US colleges (30 credits in a new major, 45 credits in accounting and engineering), go on toward graduate work at the University of Maryland ; do a 2 year second BA at Columbia University in NYC with the second year being 1st year graduate or medical school/law school courses at Columbia; enter a MS in engineering program at Boston University for humanities graduates in the areas of: biomedical engineering, computer engineering, electrical engineering, manufacturing engineering, and mechanical engineering; do a 12-15 month post-baccalaureate program in pre-med or pre-dentistry to get into medical or dental school; do a 12 month international MBA at Bar Ilan University in Israel ; a 6 month post-baccalaureate teacher certification program for the public school system; follow this teacher’s certification with a 30 credit master’s degree in special education for state licensure; do a one year post-baccalaureate in speech therapy that allows humanities graduates to enter a master’s degree program in speech pathology; enter a 16 month post-baccalaureate for a BSN (nursing) degree; enter a 2.5 year Doctor of Physical Therapy program followed by a paid one year clinical internship to become a licensed physical therapist; enter a special MSW program at Yeshiva University’s Wurzweiler School of Social Work (2 summers plus 2 semesters); go to a master’s degree program in education (elementary Jewish education) at a prestigious New England university with free tuition, a $10,000 stipend and getting state licensure to teach in the public school system; or go to the London School of Jewish Studies and study for an MA in Jewish Studies in conjunction with King’s College, University of London. We just had one of the students enter the graduate program in computer science at Johns Hopkins.

COSTS: the entire cost of the regionally accredited BA in Liberal Studies from is $4,550 for residents of New Jersey, of which our fee is $2,750 and that charged by Thomas Edison is $1,800. Total cost for out-of-state residents is $5,550 ($2,800 tuition charged by Thomas Edison). If parent’s income (joint return) is under $110,000, the parents (if Americans) can take a $2,500 HOPE education IRS tax credit. There is a way where FAFSA eligible students can take online courses at another college (for a total cost of $700) and be eligible for a $5,500 Pell Grant. [In other words, if the student is FAFSA eligible, the regionally accredited BA is not only free; there is between $1,750 and $2,750 income]. Canadian students are also eligible for education tax credits. In addition, students can usually get anywhere from $500 to $1000 in travel grants from their local Jewish Federation for coming to Israel. Students from Western Massachusetts get a $2000 grant from the Federation.

For Thomas Edison: students need to take 30 general education credits [English composition with essay (6), college math (6), science (6), and 12 credits in social science]. Those wishing to matriculate at Charter Oak need to take the same English, math and science requirements and also: American government (3), an exam in a global area (e.g. History of the Vietnam War) (3), public speaking (3), a 1 credit online exam in Information Literacy, and a 3 credit capstone project in Judaic studies. Except for the capstone project, these credits can be taken either as Advanced Placement (AP) exams, or College Board CLEP exams or DANTES exams or British “A” Levels. Charter Oak general education requirements in humanities and ethical dimensions are covered by our music, Hebrew and Talmud exams. Students who have taken AP English, math, science, American government and European history essentially have all the general education requirements for the BA at Thomas Edison. For the BA at Charter Oak they would also need an exam in public speaking and a 1-credit online Charter Oak course in information literacy. DVD’s (and websites) needed to prepare for and pass the general education exams are available.

Please don’t hesitate to ask me if you have any questions.


Dr. Josh Backon
Program Administrator

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